Safety directly outside Dandenong High School will be further improved when the nearby 60km/hr speed zone is extended to include the frontage of the school.

Before students return to school in January, the speed limit on the Princes Highway between Fifth Avenue and Henty Street will permanently drop to 60km/hr to compliment the nearby signalised crossing and pedestrian overpass.

Dandenong High School students recommended the speed reduction during a road safety workshop held late last year.

In the five years to July 2015, there have been 25 recorded crashes on the Princes Highway between Potter Street and Henty Street.

There have been two fatalities as a result of these crashes, one of which was former Dandenong High School student Shaye Kosky in 2013.

More than 17,000 vehicles travel in each direction on the Princes Highway in front of Dandenong High School daily.