New data shows 49 per cent of women aged 50-69 in the electorate of Dandenong participate in the free BreastScreen Victoria program. This compares to the statewide average of 54 per cent. Member for Dandenong Gabrielle Williams said this is a concerning result because finding breast cancer early before any symptoms are noticed, and when treatment is most likely to be successful, gives women the best chance of survival. Across Victoria, 47 electorates were above the statewide average. However, 33 electorates were below the statewide average, including Dandenong. Eight electorates were in line with the statewide average. Women, particularly those aged 50-74 are recommended to have a regular breast screen every two years. BreastScreen Victoria has 39 permanent screening clinics and eight assessment services across Victoria, and its Mobile Screening Service visits 31 locations every two years. Women can attend any screening clinic that is convenient. Some clinics offer out-of-hours appointments, including Saturdays, and group bookings are available. To book an appointment, visit www.breastscreen.org.au, or call 13 20 50.