More than 200,000 motorists will experience a safer and more reliable drive with a $400 million upgrade to the Monash Freeway. Gabrielle Williams, member for Dandenong welcomed the announcement that the Monash Freeway will be widened from four to five lanes each way between the EastLink interchange and South Gippsland Highway, and from two to three lanes each way through to Clyde Road in Berwick. The Monash upgrade will deliver the longest stretch of managed motorway in Australia by using smart technology to help prevent traffic banking up, which causes congestion and stop-start driving. The extra lanes and smart technology will help keep traffic flowing during peak travel periods. When finished, the project will cut travel times and make room for an extra 2000 vehicles during the peak. The smart technology will ensure less merging and weaving for motorists getting on and off the freeway, leading to a 20 per cent reduction in serious crashes. The business case for the Monash upgrade has a Benefit Cost Ratio of 4.2. The business case has been developed in parallel with the assessment of Transurban’s market-led proposal, which also includes upgrades to the Monash. The business case will be submitted to the Commonwealth in the coming weeks and released when the assessment is complete. The Government will proceed with the project regardless of the outcome of the market-led proposal, which is expected to be announced by the end of the year. The Monash freeway will continue to remain toll free with the project being completed by the end of 2018. The upgrade will create 400 jobs during construction.