Local Dandenong MP, Gabrielle Williams, has proposed a youth engagement program, seeking biannual visits to local secondary schools to hear the ideas, concerns, and insights of Dandenong’s youth.

In a letter to 5 local secondary schools, Ms Williams said, “I am aware that our youth can provide a valuable insight into issues that sometimes emerge in our community. They are also tomorrow’s leaders and should be afforded an opportunity to engage from an early age with the system they will soon inherit.”

The opportunity to participate in regular discussions has been extended to all secondary students, not only those who occupy leadership positions.

Ms Williams said the program of regular school visits was about empowering young people and learning from them.

“So often I find that young people feel that government doesn’t speak to them, like they are shut out of the system. In reality our youth have an incredibly important role to play in our community as advocates and educators.”

Schools interested in participating in a schedule of regular visits should notify Ms Williams’ office.