The Andrews Labor Government is investing in grassroots organisations in Dandenong to build a stronger, more cohesive community.

Member for Dandenong, Gabrielle Williams, today announced a $20,000 grant to High Resolves, to run a program of activities with young people to develop local champions of social cohesion and community harmony.

Also successful was Wellsprings for Women, who will receive $19,000 to a run a new ‘Intercultural Connections Through Art’ program in Dandenong.

These are two of 22 grants being provided by the Labor Government across the state, through the $650,000 Community Harmony Program for 2017/18.

The grants support community groups to:

  • Identify and respond to local challenges to social cohesion and community harmony
  • Increase intercultural and interfaith engagement and understanding
  • Build shared values and the foundations of common humanity that transcend cultural and religious differences
  • Support diverse groups, including smaller or newer community groups, to develop relationships with one another and deliver initiatives that promote social cohesion and belonging through genuine partnerships between community organisations.

More than 250 applications were submitted from both new and established community groups across metropolitan and regional Victoria.

Consideration of applications included a comprehensive merit assessment, where the Victorian Multicultural Commission played a key role as representatives on an independent panel as well as ratifying assessment outcomes.

For a complete list of successful applicants, visit