Dandenong’s Chisholm TAFE Campus will once again be forced to bear the brunt of Liberal cuts with Matthew Guy’s plan for a cost audit.

The Liberal Party have proposed a ‘Commission of Audit’ that will once again see funding ripped out of TAFE and educational support services.

A recent media report states: “If Matthew Guy wins the election and becomes premier next year, the opposition has promised to undertake a cost audit and a review within the first 100 days of forming government.” Sunday Herald Sun, 15 October 2017

The Liberal Party just can’t help themselves, it’s part of their DNA – when in power they cut the services that hard working families across Dandenong depend upon.

The Liberal Party have form on this.

As part of their cruel $1 billion cut to the TAFE sector, the Liberals closed 22 TAFE campuses and sacked 2400 TAFE teachers and staff, including 203 TAFE teachers and staff across Chisholm TAFE.

It was only the strong community campaign against the Liberals TAFE cuts and the election of the Labor Government that has seen the sector slowly rebuild.

With the $320 million TAFE rescue fund, our TAFE sector is slowly starting to recover.

However, this now all seems at risk, with the Liberals and Matthew Guy wanting to cut the guts out of TAFE all over again.

Matthew Guy and Liberals must rule out attacking our TAFE sector as part of their planned cost audit, which will do so much damage to families across Dandenong and the services they rely upon.