Dandenong West Primary School is one of 93 schools across Victoria sharing in $15 million to build all-access play areas, sensory gardens and outdoor learning areas to support students with disabilities and additional needs, under the latest rounds of the Andrews Labor Government’s $30 million Inclusive Schools Fund.

Member for Dandenong, Gabrielle Williams, said Dandenong West Primary School is receiving $35,000 to create a new outdoor sensory area for its students.

The new outdoor learning space will provide an alternative learning environment that will deliver great benefits to the students at Dandenong West Primary School. Sensory gardens help enhance memory, concentration and problem solving skills as well as improve speech and language. This new area will promote improved mental health, social interaction and wellbeing for the school’s students.

The Inclusive Schools Fund is helping government schools better support the social and educational needs of young people with a disability.

Since it was established by the Labor Government in 2015, nearly 90 creative projects to build inclusive play spaces, outdoor learning areas, sensory gardens and calm spaces have been delivered.

The Inclusive Schools Fund is part of the Government’s Special Needs Plan for Victorian Schools, which is ensuring that students with disabilities get the same opportunities as other students.

Inclusive education is about ensuring that all students, regardless of disabilities or other differences, are able to fully participate, learn, develop and succeed in Victorian government schools. ​

More information about these projects is available at: www.schoolbuildings.vic.gov.au.